Policy Briefs: Development Issues

Plateau Perspectives has been working on the frontlines of conservation and community development for the past two decades. Real-world implementation has been further supplemented by academic research and participation in multi-stakeholder development dialogues.

Now, the inaugural issue of “Development Issues” summarizes and discusses the major significance of biodiversity for people, its essential role for sustainable mountain development. Future issues in this policy brief series will also include topics such as climate change, territories of life, mountain tourism, culture and sustainability, educational technologies and development, and more.

Plateau Perspectives has launched a new policy brief series that aims to raise awareness of established as well as emerging and ‘horizon’ development issues in community-based conservation and sustainable development.

The inaugural issue in the policy brief series focuses on the value of biodiversity – both intrinsic and utilitarian – and the imperative to protect biodiversity (i.e. nature, ecology, environment, creation…) as it is essential for human development.

The core focus of this new series is mountainous regions of the world, especially in greater Central Asia. Each issue will bring attention to a new or a complementary development issue deemed pertinent for human societies as well as local and regional ecologies, i.e., mountain social-ecological systems.

The full complement of Policy Briefs is available here.

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