About us

Plateau Perspectives is an international charity that supports local communities and organizations in mountain regions to find and develop long-term solutions that improve people’s resilience and quality of life while protecting their natural environment, particularly under conditions of climate change and globalisation.


To promote community development and environmental protection on the Tibetan Plateau and in the surrounding mountain regions of the Himalayas and Central Asia

Mountain regions and communities in the Tibetan Plateau, Himalayan and Central Asian regions.

Under the broad purview of sustainable mountain development, Plateau Perspectives’ main programme areas include environmental conservation, community health, education and training, income generation, and – as emergency needs arise – disaster relief and social assistance for people and communities from target regions.

Plateau Perspectives has five distinctive characteristics:

Plateau Perspectives is registered in Canada (reg. no. 88353 511 RR0001) and Scotland (reg. no. SCO36202).

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