ICCA Consortium, Upholding ‘Territories of Life’

Custodian communities and their ICCAs – Territories of Life face unprecedented stresses and threats arising from the socio-ecological changes sweeping the world.  Increasingly, however, they are also being recognised as among the best hopes for the conservation of biological and cultural diversity left on the planet… Plateau Perspectives is a member of the ICCA Consortium and seeks to support indigenous peoples and local communities through practical measures as well as developing new partnerships and solutions.

Yagnob & Pamirs

The Pamirs Mountains and Yagnob Valley in Tajikistan are home to extraordinary landscapes, with abundant biodiversity and ancient cultures. The Yagnobi people are direct descendants of the empire of Sogdia. Both people from Yagnob Valley in northern Tajikistan and the Pamiri and Kyrgyz people in Gorno-Badakhshan have many distinct cultural traditions and local livelihoods well adapted to their regions.

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