Mountains of Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country in Central Asia with a rich nomadic culture. The Tian Shan mountains cover a large portion of the country, and many different ethnic groups including the Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Uzbek, Russians, Germans, Dungan and others live in mountain areas, farmlands and towns.


World Yak Herders Association

Yurta Association promotes partnerships and conservation of biocultural diversity in High Asia. Cultural anthropologist Mr Carralero is working with a range of partners in High Asia to establish a ‘World Yak Herders Association’. Partnering organizations include Mountain Partnership, University of Central Asia, Kegawa Herders Cooperative and Plateau Perspectives.

Citizen Science

The Mountains of Central Asia are internationally recognized as a biodiversity hotspot – yet only limited resources exist to study and document the region’s extraordinary wildlife. Plateau Perspectives has therefore embarked on a program to develop series of field guides – and it is doing so with citizen science-enabled smartphone apps. Our nature guides include original photographs, descriptions and distribution maps to which users contribute their own observations. The digital nature guides aim to raise public awareness about the natural environment and will serve both the scientific community and a broader public including students, teachers and tourists. Plateau Perspectives first app about the “Butterflies of Kyrgyzstan.”

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