Mountains of Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country in Central Asia with a rich nomadic culture. The Tian Shan mountains cover a large portion of the country, and many different ethnic groups including the Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Uzbek, Russians, Germans, Dungan and others live in mountain areas, farmlands and towns.


Choosing Ecotourism

Online story published by Plateau Perspectives on “Exposure”

ICCA Consortium, Upholding ‘Territories of Life’

Custodian communities and their ICCAs – Territories of Life face unprecedented stresses and threats arising from the socio-ecological changes sweeping the world.  Increasingly, however, they are also being recognised as among the best hopes for the conservation of biological and cultural diversity left on the planet… Plateau Perspectives is a member of the ICCA Consortium and seeks to support indigenous peoples and local communities through practical measures as well as developing new partnerships and solutions.

Araketke | Tendik Clinic

Plateau Perspectives is partnering with Araketke-Bereket (or “Araketke” for short), a multi-national community of volunteers committed to working with and empowering local partners to help build healthy minds, bodies, and communities in the Kyrgyz Republic. Through Tendik Clinic the foundation is serving a periurban community north of Bishkek with provision of health care. Araketke seeks to promote community development and wellbeing wherever it works across the country.

Emergency Relief Fund

The high mountain regions of the Tibetan Plateau and across Central Asia suffer from some of the world’s harshest environmental conditions. Shrinking natural resources, especially water, often leads to rising insecurity… Snowstorms, drought, earthquakes and conflicts also may arise… Where possible, Plateau Perspectives aims to continue partnerships even in desperate times in the regions where it serves.

Horseback Planet Society

“Horseback Planet Society” was established to help develop sustainable community tourism in mountains regions, building on early work pioneered in the Yangtze River headwaters and the Qinghai Lake area. With a focus on environmental conservation and on horse-riding as a way to connect with nature and local cultures, the Society’s approach to responsible tourism is gaining great popularity in China. Plans are now also being put in place to further extend the reach of its mission, including the development of community partnerships in the Tianshan and Caucuses mountains.

Yagnob & Pamirs

The Pamirs Mountains and Yagnob Valley in Tajikistan are home to extraordinary landscapes, with abundant biodiversity and ancient cultures. The Yagnobi people are direct descendants of the empire of Sogdia. Both people from Yagnob Valley in northern Tajikistan and the Pamiri and Kyrgyz people in Gorno-Badakhshan have many distinct cultural traditions and local livelihoods well adapted to their regions.

The World Yak Herders Association

Yurta Association promotes partnerships and conservation of biocultural diversity in High Asia. Cultural anthropologist Mr Carralero is working with a range of partners in High Asia to establish a ‘World Yak Herders Association’. Partnering organizations include Mountain Partnership, University of Central Asia, Kegawa Herders Cooperative and Plateau Perspectives.

Community Ecotourism

Ecotourism is “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the wellbeing of local people.” Plateau Perspectives is building local capacities in community ecotourism with the aim to promote local development as well as environmental conservation including protected area management. Partners include communities and responsible tour operators in China, Kyrgyzstan, and beyond.

Citizen Science

The Mountains of Central Asia biodiversity hotspot are well recognized around the world, but still lack adequate conservation. Plateau Perspectives is partnering with Lapis Guides to develop a series of digital field guides to encourage greater engagement in conservation.

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