Langduo Tibet Clinic

Situated at the foot of Namche Barwa Mountain (7,795 m) in eastern Tibet Autonomous Region, China, the Langduo Village Clinic was built to serve the many nationalities who live in this rural district. This village clinic was built by Plateau Perspectives and is dedicated to the memory of Jane M Torrance, who supported the Tibetan people for many years through her faithful service as the charity’s administrator in Scotland.

Built in 2014, this community health centre is situated in Nyingchi Prefecture on the shore of the Yarlung Tsangpo River. Not far from Langduo village, this mighty river enters the Grand Canyon of Tibet – more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the USA – and carves through the Himalayas, dropping from the Tibetan plateau down into the tropical zones of South Asia where it is better known as the Brahmaputra River. The great landscapes of eastern Tibet are amongst the most extraordinary in the world, exhibiting rich natural and cultural heritages.

Health care in this region, however, remains extremely poor. The construction of Langduo village clinic, with its good facilities and equipment and with additional training planned for the clinic doctors, is now contributing to enhanced community wellbeing. Most funds for this clinic were collected in memory of Mrs Jane M Torrance – first wife of Rev Prof Alan Torrance, chairman of Plateau Perspectives Scotland. This medical centre is now known and appreciated by the community as the Langduo Village ‘Jane Torrance Memorial’ Clinic.



Namche Barwa Mountain

Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon