Qomolangma (Mt Everest) Glacier Foundation

QGF is dedicated to supporting local communities and organization in the Tibetan plateau region to improve people’s quality of life and help protect the natural environment. Plateau Perspectives is supporting these important endeavours in several ways.

The Qomolangma (Mt Everest) Glacier Environmental Protection Foundation (QGF) was established in April 2012 with start-up funds provided by the Tibet Qomolangma Glacier Water Resources Development Co. Ltd. QGF is registered as a public foundation with the aim to promote and support both conservation and poverty alleviation in the Tibetan Autonomous Region, China. QGF also seeks to serve as model for corporate social responsibility.

The Foundation organizes conservation and community development activities, including inter alia environmental research, education and awareness, and recognizing and rewarding local champions and organizations for their outstanding contributions in conservation and development.

Over the years, QGF has carried out many public welfare and environmental conservation activities, receiving strong support and praise from local communities and government authorities alike. The majority of its activities focus on environmental conservation, and around one-third of its financial resources are dedicated to targeted poverty alleviation in rural areas – with special attention given to the Mt Everest region.

To date, QGF has contributed to leadership development (training course for government officials and village leaders), capacity building for conservation (training community rangers from the Qomolangma (Mt Everest) National Nature Preserve), community development (village sanitation including garbage collection and eco-toilets, development of community ecotourism, and agricultural quinoa production), and environmental awareness (ecology seminars for university faculty and students, modelling corporate social responsibility, development sustainable use ‘best practices’ for Cordyceps collection).

Other projects under development with Plateau Perspectives include the development and establishment of a Tibet Bird Club, development of community-based ecotourism and adventure tourism with a focus on horse-riding (with Horseback Planet Society), and development of appropriate conservation tools and protocols for community rangers in the Qomolangma National Nature Preserve (with Lapis Guides), and more.

QGF is led by Prof Gongbo Tashi, formerly the national projects manager responsible for Plateau Perspectives’ work in China. Plateau Perspectives’ International Director, Dr Marc Foggin, also serves as International Consultant for the QGF Board of Directors.