Araketke | Tendik Clinic

Plateau Perspectives is partnering with Araketke-Bereket (or “Araketke” for short), a multi-national community of volunteers committed to working with and empowering local partners to help build healthy minds, bodies, and communities in the Kyrgyz Republic. Through Tendik Clinic the foundation is serving a periurban community north of Bishkek with provision of health care. Araketke seeks to promote community development and wellbeing wherever it works across the country.

Araketke works alongside local government, organizations, and individuals to provide under-served communities, especially in northern Kyrgyzstan, with primary medical care, inclusive preschool education, teacher training, English language curricula and courses, innovative educational technology, community development, and sustainable financial enterprises.

One of the foundation’s main projects is situated in the village of Tendik (“Equality”), which has grown quickly over the last decade. The government has welcomed the foundation as it partners with the community to develop accessible health information and provide primary care to this under-served population.

Tendik Clinic has served more than 3,000 people since it opened in December, 2014.

For more information about Araketke-Bereket, please visit their website or facebook page.


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