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Documentary video presented on Hong Kong Television

Developed over the past couple years, a documentary has just been released on HKS. The documentary video presents the rich experiences of Plateau Perspectives’ committed volunteers who have devoted themselves to environmental conservation and community development in the Sanjiangyuan region in Qinghai Province, China, since 1998.

From the producers:

“Plateau Perspectives, a Canadian nonprofit organization established in 1998, was established to protect the ecology of the Tibetan Plateau and improve the wellbeing of local communities. This film was produced by a third party, which sought to capture and record the real volunteers of Plateau Perspectives and their daily life, work and relationships with the local residents as they continuously promote environmental protection and people’s wellbeing. In the creation of this video, the soul and nature of their work are captured, combined with visuals of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. An ambitious and nuanced, multi-perspective analysis is presented, striving to bring to the audience a strong sensory experience and deep visual enjoyment. Creating the mood was achieved through a complete fit of visuals together with the narrative, and a sensual blending of music with fascinating scenes. The viewer’s eyes and thoughts are carried through beautiful leisurely imagination, with images aiding in interpreting the development of life and nature.”  [Translated from Chinese]

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